Our Services

Our Services

UDSL Fire Protection Solutions works closely with our clients, consultants, fire engineers, and council to provide the most compliant, coordinated, and cost effective solutions.

We have a dedicated team - both office based and site based that have intimate knowledge of our project processes which in return assists us to be fully engaged when providing you with the required services.

Whether it is a complex new installation or upgrades to existing active or passive fire protection systems. Our engineers and project managers will work closely with your contractors, architects, and consultants to tailor for the best compliant systems for your facility.

Our installation process will begin with a survey of your building or facility to help determine the areas of risk. This will then be followed by a works program outlining the materials, equipment and work processes required to install a solution to best manage those risks and how our activities will relate to the main works schedule.

Our installation team will then work to the agreed plans and specifications to install the components of your active and passive fire protection system and most importantly, insure that all components are integrated correctly.

Consultancy and Design

Our fire engineering design services cover active and passive fire prevention and engineering consultancy. We offer clients extensive building and compliance knowledge, having worked closely with councils and suppliers for years to ensure that all of our active and passive fire engineering design solutions are fully compliant.

We provide a range of design and consultancy services as listed below:

- Design build specifications for passive fire protection systems.
- Passive fire building consent inspections.
- Active and passive fire BWOF inspections.
- Service and maintenance of fire protection systems.
- Design build specification for fire protection systems.
- Project management.
- Survey of existing active and passive fire systems.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is an integral component of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building. PFP attempts to contain fires or slow the spread, such as by fire resistant walls, floors, and doors.

PFP systems must comply with the associated listing and approval use and compliance to provide the effectiveness expected by building codes.

Passive Fire Stopping

We do installations of:

- Fire collars.
- Pipe wraps.
- Intumescent disc.
- Fire sealants.
- Intubate systems.
- Protective linings.
- Fire stopping.

Structural Protection

We do installation of:

- Intumescent painting.
- Intumescent spray coatings.
- Encasing of structural members.

Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting

We provide project management and full design build specifications. We provide our clients with an economical and practical solution capable of being constructed on site.

We do installation of the following fire alarm systems:

- Automatic and manual fire alarm systems.
- Residential fire alarm systems.
- Conventional fire alarm systems.
- Analogue addressable fire alarm systems.
- Emergency lighting and illuminated exit sign.

Fire Sprinkler and Hydrant Systems

We provide project management and full design build specifications. We provide our clients with an economical and practical solution capable of being constructed on site.

We work closely with the best fire sprinkler certified installation sub-contractors in the fire industry.

Fire Extinguishers

We supply and install the following fire extinguishers and code compliant signage:

- Dry powder.
- Wet chemical.
- Carbon dioxide.
- Water.
- Foam.

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