We are Unique Design Solutions

Unique Design Solutions LTD was established in the year 2012, founded by Wayne Joseph. Wayne leads the team  and has an innovative yet personal approach, with a strong passion for Fire Protection Services. We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated, completely committed to providing a reliable service and safer future.

What we offer

At UDSL we offer a wide range of services no matter how big or small. Maintaining these standards are greatly important to us and integral to ensuring the execution of all our projects. From design to completion of service maintenance, is nothing but excellent. 

What we specialise in

UDSL specialises in the building and construction industry, servicing the entire Auckland Region. We have a fantastic reputation for delivering excellence in both service and workmanship.

Enjoy peace of mind with a team that has their clients needs and interests at the top of the list.

We provide advanced, industry preferred fire protection systems and services to help in saving lives and protecting properties. Having fire protection systems installed minimize the impact of fires

Be Safe! Be Wise!

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Building Compliance
Fire and Building Compliance can be time consuming, but don't let a building WOF (Warrant of Fitness) get you down. Our team can ensure your BWOF (Buildings WOF) is well looked after.
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Service and Repairs
Need help? Failed an inspection? You are at the right place! Make the call and one of our technicians would be happy to come out and take a look and advise with regards to the problem. Proceeding with a quote to get you on the way to passing your inspection.
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Fire Extinguishers
They play an extremely important role when it comes to any fire safety plan and are normally your first line of defence. A large fire probably wont be eliminated but an extinguisher will allow enough time to escape and fight the fire until the fire department arrives. We have a wide selection of extinguishers for your home and business.
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Fire Protection Design
Our designers are able to map out a cost effective fire system from the building stage, the plans and specifications before building. UDSL uses the latest design software allowing hydraulic calculations to be implemented correctly, and material list to be generated suitable for insertion into the revit model to be generated.
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Passive Fire Installations
Fire stopping and structural protection is one of the utmost importance when saving lives, protecting buildings and to minimise loss in events of fire. UDSL can advise, provide and install proven solutions to best meet your fire resistance rating (FRR).
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Design and Consult
We conduct peer review of fire designs, fire protection and compliance. UDSL's advisory services team hold unsurpassed knowledge of the fire industry.
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Emergency Lighting Solutions
It's crucial for emergency lights/systems to be installed, especially in larger buildings. They are battery backed and turn on automatically if there is an outage or a fire, allowing vision to be clearer and allowing a safe evacuation for civilians when it is dark.
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Proud Fire Protectors of New Zealand

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