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UDSL Fire Protection Solutions is a dedicated and trusted active and passive fire protection company servicing the North Island region.

Active and passive fire protection aims to protect and save lives. Working with the commercial, industrial, residential, and healthcare sectors, UDSL fire brings years of unrivaled experience and expertise in the supply and installation of active and passive fire protection systems.

What is Active & Passive Fire Protection?

Active fire protection (AFP) is a group of systems that require some amount of action or motion in order to work efficiently in the event of a fire. Actions may be manually operated like fire extinguishers or automatic like a sprinkler, but either way they require some amount of action! AFP includes fire/smoke alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers as well as fire service intervention.

Passive fire protection is a vital component in any fire protection system. Designed to act as physical barriers, Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is integrated into the structure of a building or retrofitted in an existing structure to contain fire and smoke and protect crucial structural components from fire to delay or prevent structural collapse.

As active and passive fire protection is fundamental in any fire strategy, AFP and PFP ultimately safeguard peoples lives and minimise the financial impact of damage on buildings and their contents.

A Range of our Services

Building Compliance
Fire and Building Compliance can be time consuming, but don't let a building WOF (Warrant of Fitness) get you down. Our team can ensure your BWOF (Buildings WOF) is well looked after.
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Service and Repairs
Need help? Failed an inspection? You are at the right place! Make the call and one of our technicians would be happy to come out and take a look and advise with regards to the problem. Proceeding with a quote to get you on the way to passing your inspection.
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Fire Extinguishers
They play an extremely important role when it comes to any fire safety plan and are normally your first line of defence. A large fire probably wont be eliminated but an extinguisher will allow enough time to escape and fight the fire until the fire department arrives. We have a wide selection of extinguishers for your home and business.
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Fire Protection Design
Our designers are able to map out a cost effective fire system from the building stage, the plans and specifications before building. UDSL uses the latest design software allowing hydraulic calculations to be implemented correctly, and material list to be generated suitable for insertion into the revit model to be generated.
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Passive Fire Installations
Fire stopping and structural protection is one of the utmost importance when saving lives, protecting buildings and to minimise loss in events of fire. UDSL can advise, provide and install proven solutions to best meet your fire resistance rating (FRR).
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Design and Consult
We conduct peer review of fire designs, fire protection and compliance. UDSL's advisory services team hold unsurpassed knowledge of the fire industry.
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Emergency Lighting Solutions
It's crucial for emergency lights/systems to be installed, especially in larger buildings. They are battery backed and turn on automatically if there is an outage or a fire, allowing vision to be clearer and allowing a safe evacuation for civilians when it is dark.
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Our Accreditations

UDSL Fire Protection is a full third-party accredited company for a wide range of fire protection services which includes fire designs, fire stopping installations, inspections, and remediations. We are members of the FPA/Site Safe/ and are New Zealand Qualifications Authority Certified in passive fire protection systems L4, inspection and testing level 4 and fire protection engineers.

Proud Fire Protectors of New Zealand